Bacon Bad is just a parody of the critically acclaimed, Emmy winning TV program Breaking Bad. Written and directed by Paul Sadowski, Bacon Bad explores Walter White's desperate effort to top his already renowned meth formula by adding the one thing America can't seem to get enough of... BACON. Meanwhile Jesse Pinkman is...well... Jesse Pinkman. Both
characters are portrayed by uproarious lookalikes of the shows leads Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

The picture's helmer, Paul Sadowski, whose previous short films Attention-span, Tears and Batman Hangover have been featured in many prestigious film festivals, has built an outstanding reputation within the sector as an editor, on such well known shows as X-Factor, Beauty and the Geek and America's Got Talent. He has now turned his focus to writing and directing.

That is Sadowski's second job Bacon teaming with producer/director Tom Quinn. Bacon Bad made its premier online-this past August and continues to obtain rave reviews from die hard Breaking Bad fans. The picture can now be seen on both, You Funny and Tube or Die. Expect more excellent things from Sadowski and Quinn because they continue to develop both, and feature film projects, unscripted and scripted tv shows.


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